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Guideline for Authors

Publication Copyright

MJMS policy prohibits an author from submitting the same manuscript for concurrent consideration by two or more publications. It prohibits as well publication of any manuscript that has already been published either in whole or substantial part elsewhere. It also does not permit publication of manuscript that has been published in full in Proceedings. Please refer to Pertanika’s Code of Ethics for full details. The editorial may use of a plagiarism detection system. By submitting your manuscript to this journal, you accept that your manuscript may be screened for plagiarism against previously published works.

Editorial process

Authors are notified on receipt of a manuscript and upon the editorial decision regarding publication.

Manuscript review: Manuscripts deemed suitable for publication are sent to the Editorial Board members and/or other reviewers/ referees. We encourage authors to suggest the names of possible reviewers/referees. Notification of the editorial decision is usually provided within to ten to twelve weeks from the receipt of manuscript.

Author approval: Authors are responsible for all statements in articles, including changes made by editors. The liaison author must be available for consultation with an editor of The Journal to answer questions during the editorial process and to approve the edited copy. Authors receive edited typescript (not galley proofs) for final approval. Changes cannot be made to the copy after the edited version has been approved.

Manuscript preparation

MJMS accepts submission of research or original articles, and proposals for special issues. Articles must be in English and they must be competently written and argued in clear and concise grammatical English. Acceptable English usage and syntax are expected. Authors are strongly recommended to have the manuscript checked by a colleague with ample experience in writing English manuscripts or an English language editor. Linguistically hopeless manuscripts will be rejected straightaway.

The instructions for authors must be followed. Manuscripts not adhering to the instructions will be returned for revision without review.

1. Research/Original article

Full-length original empirical investigations, consisting of introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion, conclusions. Original work must provide references and an explanation on research findings that contain new and significant findings.
Size: Should not exceed 7000 words or 10-12 printed pages (excluding the abstract, references, tables and/or figures).

2. Special issues

Usually papers from research presented at a conference, seminar, congress or a symposium.
Size: Should not exceed 5000 words or 8-10 printed pages.