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Introduction :

Data Science is an interdisciplinary field of scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge or insights from data in various forms. Strategies for improvements or solutions to problems can be obtained by answering the questions arising from analysis of data. Data can provide insights for many scenarios in various fields. Besides, data can also help to predict future possibilities based on information obtained.


  • Introduce data to the academic community.
  • Introduce philosophies related to data.
  • Introduce data analysis techniques.
  • Introduce data handling techniques and statistical analysis.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Bakri Adam obtained his Phd. in Statistics from Lancaster University, United Kingdom. He is currently the head of Laboratory of Statistical and Computing Services, Institute for Mathematical Research (INSPEM), UPM.

The speaker had 7 PhD and 7 Master's students graduated, in which 3 PhD and 1 Master's students were involved in Exploratory Data Analysis. He has conducted more than 30 workshops on R (a lingua franca of Data Science) since 2007, with close to 20 years of experience working with R. His workshops were not only conducted within UPM, but also to external entities such as USM, UKM, MMU, CRC, IMR, Genting Group, Central Bank of Malaysia and Department of Statistics Malaysia, to name a few.


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