Registration & Payment Deadline: 18 MARCH 2018

R provides a powerful and comprehensive system for analysing data and when used in conjunction with the R-commander (a graphical user interface, commonly known as Rcmdr) it also provides one that is easy and intuitive to use. Basically, R provides the engine that carries out the analyses and Rcmdr provides a convenient way for users to input commands. The Rcmdr program enables analysts to access a selection of commonly-used R commands using a simple interface that should be familiar to most computer users. It also serves the important role of helping users to implement R commands and develop their knowledge and expertise in using the command line --- an important skill for those wishing to exploit the full power of the program. This workshop aims to introduce Rmdr to new users (may be familiar with other statistical software such as SPSS) that wish to use R to perform statistical / data analysis.

Prerequisite: Basic exposure to any statistical software.


Mr. Muhammad Firdaus Abdul Rahim
Science Officer & R Enthusiast
Laboratory of Statistical and Computing Services
Institute for Mathematical Research (INSPEM)
Universiti Putra Malaysia.

Registration Fees

RM 150 (inclusive of 6% GST, meals & materials).