Expository Quantum Lecture Series 2022 | EQuaLS2022 | #Open to Advanced Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.


Expository Quantum Lecture Series 2022 (EQuaLS2022), which will be held on 11 - 14 April 2022, is jointly organized by Institute for Mathematical Research (INSPEM), Universiti Putra Malaysia and Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, UPM on the occasion of the World Quantum Day 2022 (click here) on 14 April.

Quantum Information science is a discipline right at the intersection of physics, engineering, computer science and mathematics. The discipline is presently matured enough to produce new quantum technologies. The present lecture series aims to provide a quick introduction to established ideas of quantum information science up to the level of establishing quantum technologies theoretically and experimentally. Students (advanced undergraduate and postgraduate) and professional with quantum mechanics background will be able to learn and get exposure of this rapidly exciting field through the lectures and also interactions with the speakers.

EQuaLS is the acronym for the "Expository Quantum Lecture Series", a lecture series hosted by the Institute for Mathematical Research (INSPEM) at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). A primary objective of the lecture series is to rapidly introduce students to frontier topics in quantum information by inviting international prominent researchers in the relevant area. This also includes specifically provide hands-on training through analysis or problem-solving sessions, educate students about careers and opportunities in research, provide mentoring and support for students interested in further study and connect scientists to various local and international universities to facilitate collaboration.

These lecture series were grown out of a pre-existing lecture series organized by a loose grouping of local theorists and colleagues from Malaysia and abroad. With EQuaLS, the lecture series has since become a successful, regular event at INSPEM, UPM. The first EQuaLS event was held on November 2007, and the subsequent events were held almost annually. The list of events organized were as follows:

  • EQuaLS1, 5-9 November 2007: Geometry, Number Theory & Quantum Physics 2007
  • EQuaLS2, 24-28 November 2008: Foundations of Quantum Science & Technology 2008
  • EQuaLS3, 9-13 November 2009: Quantum Information 2009
  • EQuaLS4, 28 June-1 July 2010: Cosmology, Gravitation & High Energy Physics 2010
  • EQuaLS5, 9-13 January 2012: Geometry, Topology & Physics 2012
  • EQuaLS6, 3-7 December 2012, double-billed as the workshop part of the 6th AsiaPacific Conference & Workshop on Quantum Information Science
  • EQuaLS7 (Renamed EQuaLS2013), 22-24 November 2013: Complex Systems
  • EQuaLS8, 18-22 January 2016: Quantization, Noncommutativity and Nonlinearity
  • EQuaLS2020, 2 - 6 November 2020: Quantum Information: From Theory to Technology

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