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Expository Quantum Lecture Series 5 (EQuaLS5) is the fifth in this series of expository lectures. The event is jointly organized by the Laboratory of Computational Sciences & Mathematical Physics, Institute for Mathematical Research and the Theoretical & Computational Physics Group, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science in Universiti Putra Malaysia. The main objective of this lecture series is to rapidly introduce and update students and researchers to frontier topics of theoretical physics or quantum physics and related areas by inviting prominent active researchers of selected topics. Past events from this series can be found through these links: EQuaLS1, EQuaLS2, EQuaLS3, EQuaLS4.

The theme of EQuaLS5 is "Geometry, Topology and Physics 2012" and the speakers are:

  1. John Baez (NUS, Univ of California, Riverside)
    "Network Theory"
  2. Do Ngoc Diep (Inst of Math, Hanoi)
    "A Procedure for Quantization of Fields"
  3. Mathai Varghese (Univ. of Adelaide)
    "Fractional Quantum Hall Effect, Hyperbolic and Noncommutative Geometry"
  4. Fredrik Stroemberg (Technical Univ. of Darmstadt)
    "Arithmetic Quantum Chaos"
  5. S. Twareque Ali (Concordia University, Montreal)
    "Coherent States: Theory and Applications"

Date : 9-13 January 2012
Venue :
Bilik Saintis Gemilang, Faculty of Science, Universiti Putra Malaysia

Limited slots for contributed talks and posters may be available on written request to the secretariat (subject to approval).

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