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Volume 10. Number 1. Jan 2016


  • Modelling Record Times in Sport with Extreme Value Methods
    Adam, M. B. and Tawn, J. A.
    (abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)
  • On Inequalities for the Exponential and Logarithmic Functions and Means
    Guo, B.N. and Qi, F.
    ( abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)

  • Influence of velocity slip conditions on MHD peristaltic flow of a Prandtl fluid in a non-uniform channel
    Kumar, M. A., Sreenadh, S., Saravana, R., Reddy, R. H.,and Kavitha, A.
    (abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)
  • Control of Colpitts-Oscillator via Adaptive Feedback Control
    Suresh Rasappan, Naresh Kumar Jothi, and Sathish Kumar Kumaravel
    (abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)

  • Lie Symmetry Analysis and Exact Solutions to the Quintic Nonlinear Beam Equation
    Sripana, N. and Chatanin, W.
    (abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)
  • New Results on Generalized Metric Spaces
    Abdellaoui, M.A. and Dahmani, Z
    (abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)
  • Entropy on Semi MV-Algebra
    Eslami Giski, Z. and Ebrahimi, M
    (abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)
  • Confidence Intervals for the Process Capability Index Cp Based on Confidence Intervals for Variance under Non-Normality
    Panichkitkosolkul, W.
    (abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)