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Volume 10 (S) March 2016


  • Hopf Bifurcation of a Nonlinear System Derived from Lorenz System Using Centre Manifold Approach
    - Zabidin Salleh and Tee Loong Soon
    (abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)
  • Mathematical Model for Estimating the Diffusion Coefficients of Protein Release from Bacterial Cellulose-based Hydrogel
    - Shalela Mohd Mahali, Muhamad Hakimi Saudi, Mohd Cairul Iqbal Mohd Amin, Ilyani Abdullaha and Naveed Ahmad
    ( abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)
  • Bayesian Modelling of the Consistency of Symptoms Reported During Hypoglycaemia for Individual Patients
    - Hani Syahida Zulkafli, George Streftaris, Gavin J. Gibson and Nicola N. Zammitt
    (abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)
  • Confirmatory Factor Analysis Approach: A Case Study on Students’ Achievement in Mathematics using TIMSS
    - Nor Azreen M.A and Muhamad Safiih Lola
    (abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)
  • S-GSTAR-SUR Model for Seasonal Spatio Temporal Data Forecasting
    - Setiawan, Suhartono and Mike Prastuti
    (abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)
  • Kernel Based Learning for Nonlinear System Identification
    - Shazia Javed and Noor Atinah Ahmad
    (abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)
  • How Accurate Is TNB’s Electricity Demand Forecast?
    - Lim Hock-Eam and Yip Chee-Yin
    (abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)
  • GSTARX-GLS Model for Spatio-Temporal Data Forecasting
    - Suhartono, Sri Rizqi Wahyuningrum, Setiawan and Muhammad Sjahid Akbar

    (abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)

  • A Survey on the Timetabling Communities’ Demands for an Effective Examination Timetabling in Universiti Malaysia Terengganu
    - Nur Aidya Hanum Aizam, Nurul Farahin Jamaluddin and Sabri Ahmad
    (abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)

  • Lie Group Analysis of Second-Order Non-Linear Neutral Delay Differential Equations
    - Laheeb Muhsen and Normah Maan
    (abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)

  • Heuristic Algorithms for Finding Area Constrained Non-convex k-gon
    - Amal Dev Parakkat and Philumon Joseph
    (abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)

  • General Basic 0-1 Integer Programming Model for Timetabling Problems
    - Nur Aidya Hanum Aizam and Thiveamalar Sithamparam
    (abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)

  • Chromaticity of 6-bridge Graph θ(3, 3, b, b, c, c)
    - Nor Suriya Abd Karim and Roslan Hasni
    (abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)

  • An Efficient Modification of Nonlinear Conjugate Gradient Method
    - Zabidin Salleh, Ahmad Alhawarat, Mustafa Mamat and Mohd Rivaie
    (abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)

  • Polarization Tensor : Between Biology and Engineering
    - Taufiq Khairi bin Ahmad Khairuddin and William R.B. Lionheart
    (abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)

  • Various Shape Functions of Magnetic Curves
    - Wo Mei Seen, R. U. Gobithaasan and Kenjiro T. Miura
    (abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)

  • Local Exponents of Two-coloured Bi-cycles whose Lengths Differ by 1
    - Mardiningsih, Muhammad Fathoni and Saib Suwilo
    (abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)