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Volume 11.Number 1.January 2017


  • Pricing Holder-Extendable Options in a Stochastic Volatility Model with an Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Process
    - Ibrahim, S. N. I., Ng, T. W., O'Hara, J. G. and Nawawi, A.
    (abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)
  • Mathematics Pedagogical Strategies to Create a Positive College Classroom Community
    - Furuto, M. A.
    ( abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)
  • Vague Soft Expert Set and its Application in Decision Making
    - Alhazaymeh, K. and Hassan, N.
    (abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)
  • Solving Higher-Order p-Adic Polynomial Equations via Newton-Raphson Method
    - Rabago, J. F. T.
    (abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)
  • Group Decision Making Methods Based on Multi Q-Fuzzy Soft Interval Set
    - Adam, F. and Hassan, N.
    (abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)
  • Graphs with Large Roman Domination Number
    - Ahangar, H. A. and Khaibari, M.
    (abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)
  • On a Nonlinear Transaction-Cost Model for Stock Prices in an Illiquid Market Driven by a Relaxed Black-Scholes Model Assumptions
    - Edeki, S. O., Ugbebor, O. O. and Owoloko, E. A.
    (abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)
  • Fibonacci Sequence and Continued Fraction Expansions in Real Quadratic Number Fields
    - Ozen Ozer

    (abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)