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Volume 11.(S).April 2017

Front Matter

Contributed Papers

  • Travelling Wave Solutions and Conservation Laws of the Korteweg-de Vries-Burgers Equation with Power Law Nonlinearity
    - Mhlanga, I. E. and Khalique, C. M.

  • Efficient Methods to Overcome Rabin Cryptosystem Decryption Failure
    - Mahad, Z., Asbullah, M. A. and Ariffin, M. R. K.
    ( fullpaper.pdf)

  • Unsteady Boundary Layer Rotating Flow and Heat Transfer in a Copper-water Nanofluid over a Stretching Sheet
    - Dzulkifli, N. F., Bachok, N., Yacob, N. A. M., Arifin, N. M. and Rosali, H.

  • Type-2 Fuzzy Non-uniform Rational B-spline Model with Type-2 Fuzzy Data
    - Wahab, A. F., Yong, L. K. and Zulkifly, M. I. E.

  • A Note on the Split Common Fixed Point Equality Problems in Hilbert Spaces
    - Kılıçman, A.  and Mohammed, L. B.

  • Simultaneous Pell Equations x2 - my2 = 1 and y2 - pz2 = 1 
    - Sihabudin, N. A., Sapar, S. H. and Johari, M. A. M.

  • nv - Lindelöfness
    - Abuage, M.,  Kiliçman, A. and Sarsak, M. S.

  • On Product of Generalized s-Convex Functions and New Inequalities on Fractal Sets
    - Kiliçman, A. and Saleh, W.

  • Box-Cox Transformation of Monthly Malaysian Gold Price Range
    - Gopal, K., Abdul Rahim, M. F. and Adam, M. B.

  • The Almost Everywhere Convergence of Eigenfunction Expansions of Schrödinger Operator in Lp Classes
    - Jamaludin, N. A. and Ahmedov, A.

  • On the Two-Point Boundary Value Problems using Variational-Fixed Point Iterative Scheme
    - Wadai, M. and Kılıçman, A.