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Volume 11.(S).August 2017

Front Matter

Contributed Papers

  • A New Alternative to NTRU cryptosystem based on Highly Dimensional Algebra with Dense Lattice Structure
    - Al-Saidi, N. M. G. & Yassein, H. R
    ( fullpaper.pdf)

  • A New Attack on the RSA Cryptosystem Based on Continued Fractions
    - Bunder, M. & Tonien, J

  • Cyclotomic Cosets, Codes and Secret Sharing
    - Wong, D. C. K

  • New Vulnerability of RSA Modulus Type N = p 2q
    - Rahman, N. N. A. R. & Ariffin, M. R. K.

  • Protection of Data on Multiple Storage Providers
    - Mohamad M. S., Poh G. S. & Chin J. J.

  • Introducing S-Index into Factoring RSA Modulus via Lucas Sequences
    - Abu, N. A., Salim, F. & Ariffin, M. R. K.

  • New Attacks on Prime Power N = prq Using Good Approximation of φ(N)
    - Shehu, S. & Ariffin, M.R.K.