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Volume 11.(S).February 2017

Front Matter

Contributed Papers

  • Exploratory Extreme Data Analysis for Farmer Mac Data
    - Husain, Q. N., Adam, M. B., Shitan, M. and Fitrianto, A.

  • Productivity Cost Model in 308 ROSS Chicken Poultry Systems: Case Study of Contract Farming in Rural Development Cooperative
    - Sulaiman, J.,  Ali, M. K. M., Tuah, P. M., Yasir, S. M. and Lee, W. C. F.  
    ( fullpaper.pdf)

  • Multi-class Support Vector Machine Application in the Field of Agriculture and Poultry: A Review
    - Abdul Aziz, N. and Othman, M. F.

  • Algebraic Method for Independence Model of Two-Way Contingency Tables
    - Mohammed, N. F., Rakhimov, I. S. and Shitan, M.

  • Beta Burr Type X with Application to Rainfall Data
    - Khaleel, M. A. , Ibrahim, N. A. , Shitan, M., Merovci, F. and Rehman, E.

  • Analysis of Asymmetric Price Transmission of Selected Vegetables in Peninsular Malaysia
    - Mohamed, Z. and Iliyasu, A.

  • Food Imports and Exchange Rate: The Application of Dynamic Cointegration Framework
    - Aliyu, A. J. and Ismail, N. W.

  • On Generalization of Additive Main Effect and Multiplicative Interaction (AMMI) Models: An Approach of Row Column Interaction Models for Counting Data
    - Hadi, A. F., Sa'diyah, H. and Iswanto, R.

  • Competitiveness of Malaysia's Fruits in the Global Market: Revealed Comparative Advantage Analysis
    - Nik Rozana, N. M. M., Suntharalingam, C. and Othman, M. F.

  • Cubic Spline as Powerful Tools for Processing Experimental Drying Rate Data for Seaweed using Solar Drier
    - Ali, M. K. M., Sulaiman, J., Yasir, S. M., Ruslan, M. H.,Fudholi, A., Muthuvalu, M. S. and Ramu, V.