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Volume 12. Number 1. Jan 2018


  • A New Constant Market Share Competitiveness Index
    - Aisha Nuddin, A. J, Azhar, A. K. M., Gan, V. B. Y. and Khalifah, N. A.
  • On Irreducible Reaction Systems
    - Teh, W. C. and Womasuthan, N.
  • A Semi-Numerical Approach to Unsteady Squeezing Flow of Casson Fluid between Two Parallel Plates
    - Sampath, K. V. S. Pai, N. P. and Jacub, K.
  • The Nonlocal Boundary Value Problem with Constant Coefficients for the Mixed Type of Equation of the First Kind in a Plane
    - Dzhamalov, S. Z.
  • Commuting Graphs and their Generalized Complements
    - Bhat, K. A and Sudhakara, G.
  • New Clustering Algorithm for Classification of Brain MRI Regions by using m-Universal Metric Technique
    - Nezhad, A. D., Beizavi, S. and Hekmatimoghaddam, S. H.
  • Development of a Web Portal to Forecast the Monthly Mean Chlorophyll Concentration of the Waters off Peninsular Malaysia’s West Coast
    - Gopal, K. and Shitan, M.
  • Some Solution of the Fractional Iterative Integro-Differential Equations
    - Kilicman, Adem and Damag, F. H. M.
  • Inverse Spectral Problems for Singular Sturm-Liouville Operators
    - Neamaty, A. and Khalili, Y.