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Volume 13. (S). April 2019


Panel of Reviewers
Title Page
Scientific Committee


  • Two Point Diagonally Block Method for Solving Boundary Value Problems with Robin Boundary Conditions
    - Majid, Z. A., Nasir, N. M., Ismail, F. & Bachok, N.
  • EGSOR Iterative Method for the Fourth-Order Solution of OneDimensional Convection-Diffusion Equations
    - Muhiddin, F. A. & Sulaiman, J
  • Hybrid Method for Solving Special Fourth Order Ordinary Differential Equations
    - Jikantoro, Y. D., Ismail, F., Senu, N., Ibrahim, Z. B., & Aliyu, Y. B.
  • On the Diophantine Equation 5x + pmny = z2
    - Bakar, H. S., Sapar, S. H. & Johari, M. A. M.
  • Third Order Convergence Iterative Method for Multiple Roots of Nonlinear Equation
    - Jamaludin, N. A. A., Nik Long, N.M.A., Salimi, M. & Ismail, F.
  • The Two Techniques for Generating Perfect Fluid Sphere
    - Ngampitipan, T. & Boonserm, P.
  • The Performance of Robust Heteroscedasticity Consistent Covariance Matrix Estimator
    - Sani, M., Midi, H. & Arasan, J.
  • A New Improved Bound for Short Decryption Exponent on RSA Modulus N = pq using Wiener's Method
    - Abubakar, S. I., Ariffin, M. R. K. & and Asbullah, M. A.
  • Respondent Driven Sampling Population Proportion Estimators
    - Bagheri, A. & Saadati, M.
  • Algebraic Properties of Parikh Matrices of Words under an Extension of Thue Morphism
    - Subramanian, K. G., Sriram, S., Prasanna Venkatesan, A. S. & Nagar, A. K.
  • Homogeneous-Heterogeneous Reactions in Carbon Nanotubes Over a Stretching Sheet
    - Lokman, A. D., Bachok, N. & Rosali, H.
  • Extension of Parikh Matrices to Terms and its Injectivity Problem
    - Chern, Z. J. & Teh, W. C.
  • Performance of Finite Order Stochastic Process Generated Universal Portfolios
    - Pang, S. T., Liew, H. H. & Chang, Y. F.
  • Geometric Characterization of Totally Geodesic SODE Submanifolds
    - Ahangari, F.