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Volume 13. (S). August 2019


  • On the Smallest-Basis Problem underlying the GGH Lattice-based Cryptosystem
    - Mandangan, A., Kamarulhaili, H., and Asbullah, M.A.
  • Alternative Method to Find the Number of Points on Koblitz Curve
    - Hadani, N.H., Yunos, F., Ariffin, M.R.K., Sapar, S.H., and Rahman, N.N.A.
  • Searchable Symmetric Encryption Security Definitions
    - Mohamad, M.S., Tan, S.Y., and Chin, J.J.
  • Construction of Endomorphisms for the ISD Method on Elliptic Curves with j-invariant 1728
    - Antony, S.N.F.M.A. and Kamarulhaili, H.
  • An Innovative Bicartisian Algebra for Designing of Highly Performed NTRU Like Cryptosystem
    - Yassein, H.R. and Al-Saidi, N.M.G.
  • A Hierarchical Identity-Based Identification Scheme Without Pairing
    - Vangujar, A.K., Chin, J.J., Tan, S.Y. and Ng, T.S.
  • A New Attack on Special-Structured RSA Primes
    - Ghafar, A.H.A., Ariffin, M.R.K. and Asbullah, M.A.
  • QuCCs: An Experimental of Quantum Key Distribution using Quantum Cryptography and Communication Simulator
    - Zukarnain, Z.A., Buhari, A., Harun, N.Z. and Khalid, R.
  • Successful Cryptanalytic Attacks Upon RSA Moduli N=pq
    - Abubakar, S.I., Ariffin, M.R.K. and Asbullah, M.A.