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Volume 7.Number 1.January 2013


  • Water Level Trend in the Barind Area
    A.H.M. Rahmatullah Imon
    ( abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)

  • On Soft NewAlgebras
    Azadeh Zahedi Khameneh and Adem Kilicman
    ( abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)

  • A New Class of Rational Multistep Methods for Solving Initial Value Problem
    Teh Yuan Ying and Nazeeruddin Yaacob
    ( abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)

  • Mutiple Curved Crack Problems in Antiplane Elasticity for Circular Region with Traction Free Boundary
    Noraini Dahalan, Nik Mohd Asri Nik Long and Zainiddin K. Eshkuvatov
    ( abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)

  • Application of Homotopy Perturbation Sumudu Transform Method for Solving Heat and Wave-Like Equations
    Jagdev Singh, Devendra Kumar and Adem Kilicman
    ( abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)

  • On Control Problem for Infinite System of Differential Equations of Second Order
    Gafurjan Ibragimov and Abbas Badakaya Ja’afaru

    ( abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)

  • An Average Density of New -adic Naf (New -NAF) Representation: An Alternative Proof
    Faridah Yunos and Kamel Ariffin Mohd Atan
    ( abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)

  • Mathematical Modelling in Criminology
    Feroz Shah Syed, Didong Li, Xun Zhang and Zhenhong Guo
    ( abstract.pdf, fullpaper.pdf)