MISG 2015
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UTM has teamed up with Oxford University's world leading mathematics-in-industry researchers for the first and second MISG in the Region. In this 3rd MISG event, UPM will join the team. Academic participants will be drawn from Oxford's large international network and local institute to bring relevant expertise to solve on local selected industrial problems.

MISG are collaborative problem-solving workshops where applied mathematicians tackle real life problems shared by companies. They help rapidly determine the key scientific issues and mathematical challenges to be confronted. On the first day of the meeting, the companies present their problems to the whole mathematical audience. The academics then form problem-solving teams which work collaboratively with the industrial presenters. The teams formulate their ideas in an accessible way in order to realise the benefits from modelling, analysis and computation. At the end of the meeting, the academics present the results of their investigations, and outline the possible future work that can be done.
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MISG 2015