Limited to 40 participants ONLY!!!


Our national education goal is to produce employees with strong mathematical skills in theory and practical. To achieve this objective, emphasis should be given to improve the overall teaching and research in all disciplines of mathematics. Various parties have to work together for the realization of this target and bring the country to success in mathematics like other countries such as China, Japan, Russia, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore and others.

To realize this objective, the Cryptography, Laboratory Analysis and Structure is organizing the seminar SGTA 2019. The seminar intended to be held on April 19, 2019. Experts in Graph Theory from the laboratory and local higher education institutions will be invited to present their research papers. In addition, the participants will also present their papers.


Objectives of the seminar are as follows :

  1. To share information and idea to enhance the mathematical skill and achievement in Graph Theory and its applications among group of people with strong mathematical foundations.
  2. To create an interaction among researchers, teachers, mathematicians and students in discussion on the new trend of researches in graph theory and its applications, and other related fields.
  3. To create an opportunity for research collaboration among the participants in the graph theory and its applications, and other related fields in 21th century.


Scope of the seminar are as follows :

  • Graph theory
  • Social network analysis
  • Applications of graph theory
  • Group theory
  • Number theory

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