SEAMS 2015
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General Information
Specific questions about the event

Q : Which airport should I go to, for this event?
A : Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)

Q : How do I get to UPM?
A : Please refer to this page or download this document.

Q : Do I need to get a Visa?
A : Visa is not required for a stay of less than one month for ASEAN nationals except Myanmar.
      For other countries, please refer to

Q : Where can I stay for this event?
A : Please refer to our accommodation page here.

Q : Do I need to attend pre-SEAMS School?
A : It is highly recommended for students lacking in background knowledge of algebra, quantum physics, cryptography and statistics to attend the       pre-SEAMS School particularly undergraduate students.

Q : Will I have to pay extra fees for pre-SEAMS School?
A : No

Q : Can I attend only parts of the SEAMS School?
A : Yes, but the full fees still apply. Sponsored students are required to attend all sessions.

Q : Do I have to pay before arriving? If so, when is the payment deadline?

Q : Am I eligible for financial airport?
A : Financial support are available for limited number of students from ASEAN countries upon request. Applicants must submit his/her CV to       the secretariat. Students from other countries are not eligible for the financial support.

Q : How will I know that my application for financial support is successful?
A : All applicants will be contacted individually by the secretariat whether successful or not.

Q : Are meals provided in SEAMS School?
A : Lunch and coffee/tea breaks will be provided during the SEAMS School and pre-SEAMS School. Participants can find their own meals for       breakfast and dinner in eateries nearby the accommodation.

Q: Are the meals HALAL?
A : All meals provided during the SEAMS School and pre-SEAMS School are HALAL. For meals outside, please look for HALAL logo.       Vegetarians should inform their special request to the secretariat.

Q : My question is not listed in the FAQs, with whom should I contact?
A : Please send an email to seams2015.inspem[at]