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Pre-registration counter will be opened on Sunday (2 December) night 08.00 p.m. at Seri Perdana Room


Poster presenters are recommended to standby at their respective posters during coffee time on the first two days for possible interactions with other participants


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NewSelected papers will be reviewed and published in either a special issue of Malaysian Journal of Mathematical Sciences or in a book published by Springer

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Keynote Speaker


Franco Nori 
(RIKEN, Japan/University of Michigan, USA)

"Atomic Physics and Quantum Optics Using Circuits Behaving As Controllable Artificial Atoms"

"Some Examples of Atomic Physics and Quantum Optics Using Circuits Behaving as Tunable Artificial Atoms"

Invited Speakers


Tommaso Calarco
(University of Ulm, Germany)

"Quantum Technology Taken to its Limits"


Howard Carmichael
(University of Auckland, New Zealand)

"Three Easy Exercises Bearing on Foundations or the Interpretation Thereof"


Matthias Christandl
(Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland)

"The Quantum Marginal Problem"


Bob Coecke
(University of Oxford, United Kingdom)

"The Logic of Quantum Mechanics - Take II"


Keiichi Edamatsu
(Tohoku University, Japan)

"Measurement-Disturbance Uncertainty Relations in Generalized Photon Polarization Measurements"


Kazuo Fujikawa
(RIKEN, Japan)

"Quantum Discord, Hidden Variables and CHSH Inequality"


Byoung S. Ham
(Inha University, South Korea)

"A Photon Echo-Based Quantum Memory Using Double Rephasing and Optical Locking"


Yoon-Ho Kim
(POSTECH, South Korea)

"Protecting Entanglement From Decoherence via Weak Measurement & Quantum Measurement"


Yeong-Cherng Liang
(University of Geneva, Switzerland)

"Device-Independent Quantum Information: A Paradigm That Offers More Robustness and Security"


Choo Hiap Oh
(National University of Singapore, Singapore)

"Contextuality and the Kochen-Specker Theorem"

11. Rob Spekkens
(Perimeter Institute, Canada)

"Formulating Quantum Theory as a Causally Neutral Theory of Bayesian Inference"

12. Akihisa Tomita
(Hokkaido University)

"Development of a Quantum Key Distribution System and Network"

13. Howard Wiseman
(Griffiths University, Australia)

"Loophole-Free Steering For Quantum Cryptography & For Testing the Subjectivity of Atomic Quantum Jumps"

14. S. Twareque Ali
(Concordia University, Canada/INSPEM, UPM, Malaysia)

"Symmetry Groups of Two-Dimensional Non-Commutative Quantum Mechanics"

15. Chopin Soo
(National Cheng Kung Univ., Taiwan)

"Exact Abelian and Non-Abelian Geometric Phases"

16. Hsi-Sheng Goan
(National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

"Quantum Control for Open Systems"

17. Wei-Min Zhang
(National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan)

"General Non-Markovian Dynamics of Open Quantum Systems"

18. Jaewan Kim
(Korea Institute for Advanced Study, South Korea)

"Qudit Communication Network"

19. P. Blair Blakie
(University of Otago, New Zealand)

"Ultra-Cold Dipolar Gases"


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