Call for Papers

This conference seeks submissions from the academia and industry presenting research on theoretical and practical aspects of cryptology. We also encourage submissions from other communities such as public agencies, defense and business sectors that represent these communities's perspectives on issues related to security.
The top 30% - 35% of the papers accepted will be published in the Malaysian Journal of Mathematical Sciences (ISSN 1823-8343). It is indexed by SCOPUS.
  The top 35% - 60% of the papers accepted will be published in the International Journal of Cryptology Research (ISSN 1985-5753).   All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings indexed by SCOPUS.

Previous proceedings since 2014 can be accessed at
Note: Participants are encouraged to prepare their manuscripts by using LaTeX.
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1. Cryptography And Security   25. Information Security Education
2. Key Management Protocols   26. Information Security Management
3. Block/Stream Ciphers   27. Information Technology Mis-Use and the Law
4. Watermarking and Fingerprinting   28. Information hiding and watermarking
5. Quantum Cryptography   29. Malware threat and detection
6. Hash Functions   30. Mobile and wireless security
7. Number Theory   31. Access control and authentication
8. Electronic Commerce and Payment   32. Cloud and big data security
9. Elliptic Curve Cryptography   33. Critical Infrastructure Protection
10.Secret Key Cryptography   34. Data and Applications Security
11. Public Key Cryptography   35. Digital Forensics
12. Anonymity   36. Human Aspects of Information Security and Assurance
13. Digital Signature Schemes   37. Identity Management
14. Message Authentication Codes   38. Managing information security functions
15. Public-Key Cryptanalysis   39. Multilateral Security
16. Symmetric-key Cryptanalysis   40. Network & Distributed Systems Security
17. Group Communication   41. Pervasive Systems Security
18. Information Theory and Security   42. Privacy protection
19. Secret Sharing   43. Trust Management
20. Cryptanalysis   44. Audit and risk analysis
21. Threshold Cryptography        
22. Design and Implementation        
23. Broadcast Encryption        
24. Applications of Cryptography        
CRYPTOLOGY2020 proceedings will be published by Conference Publishing Services. It is mandatory at least an author registers for every paper that is included in the conference proceedings. Proceedings will be made available during the conference.