• Important Dates

    Submission of Abstract Deadline:
    15th December 2019
    31 December 2019

  • Notification of Abstract Acceptance:
    9th January 2020
  • Early Registration & Payment Deadline:
    31st December 2019
  • ICRAAM2020 Conference:
    4-6 February 2020

  • 19 - 22 February 2020

    Submission of Full Paper

    Dear ICRAAM2020 Participants, 

    As previously stated, you can now start the submission process of your paper which has been accepted to be presented in ICRAAM2020. The journals list which were announced in the conference website are given below: 



    Please select the appropriate journal for your work and submit your paper. Kindly take note of the following:


        • Submit your paper within one month from the conference, by 6th March 2020.
        • Every submission must be accompanied by a cover letter mentioning  "This paper has been presented in ICRAAM2020 Conference, Kuala Lumpur".
        • Authors must strictly follow the instructions and use the templates provided for the selected journal.
        • Submission should be done through journal's submission system and not by email.
        • Any publication fees imposed by the journal is to be borne by the authors.
        • Decision on your paper will be solely made by the journal. ICRAAM2020 will not be responsible for any rejection.
        • In case your paper is rejected by the journal, you can still resubmit your paper to any other journals in the list above.
        • Please notify us via email if you have submitted the paper with the submission details
        • Please do not submit your paper to us by email.  

    For further inquiries, you may email us at icraam2020@upm.edu.my