MCISLS2013 | Malaysian Cryptology and Information Security Lecture Series 2013
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Cryptology is a scientific field that has been in existence since man became interested to ensure that certain information remain confidential between intended parties. As early as the Greek equipment scytale and Julius Caesar's cipher, man has designed ingenious methods to achieve the above objectives. Looking back in history, it has never failed to amaze that man has done much research to achieve information security. Upon entering the 20th century, the Enigma was designed and utilized to its fullest in World War 2 by the Germans. As a counter result, the Allies galvanized their strength to cryptanalyze the Enigma. As a consequence, the birth of modern computer. Till the 1970's, security was "symmetric" centered. Then in 1976 came the birth of the asymmetric cryptosystem - and revolutionized information security.

Back home in Malaysia, public domain research in cryptology can be traced back as far as 1996. An actual national congregation of cryptographers became a reality in 2004 via the 1st National Cryptology Conference (NCC 2004) organized by INSPEM, UPM. A subsequent conference was held in 2006 (NCC 2006) also organized by INSPEM, UPM. Back then researchers came into an agreement that it was time to form a national society to look into cryptologic research in Malaysia. Then in 2007 the Malaysian Society for Cryptology Research (MSCR) came into being. The NCC series was then transformed into an international series known as the Cryptology series, the first in 2008 (Kuala Lumpur), 2010 (Melaka) and 2012 (Langkawi).

This Malaysian Cryptology and Information Security Lecture Series 2013 (MCISLS2013), is another initiative to put forward Malaysian research in the area for public discourse. This first series will bring in 8 experts in their related fields for the audience to benefit. Talks will range from cryptographic primitives, protocols, implementation etc. All speakers have an average of 10 years experience in their research endevours.

Finally, the organizers sincerely hope that ideas will be fruitfully exchanged and new areas of exciting cryptographic research will emerge from this gathering.

MCISLS2013 | Malaysian Cryptology and Information Security Lecture Series 2013