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This Malaysian Cryptology and Information Security Lecture Series 2021 (MCISLS 2021), is another initiative to put forward Malaysian research in the area for public discourse. This 5th series will bring in 5 experts in their related fields for the audience to benefit. Talks will range from cryptographic primitives, protocols, implementation etc. All speakers have an average of 10 years experience in their research endevours. Finally, the organizers sincerely hope that ideas will be fruitfully exchanged and new areas of exciting cryptographic research will emerge from this gathering.



Prof Dr. Miss Laiha Mat Kiah
Department of Computer System & Technology
Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Malaya

Topic : Explorinf Alternative Approach for a Secure and Scalable Blockchain

Blockchain (e.g. Bitcoin and Ethereum) has drawn a lot of considerations, and has been widely deployed in the past five years. see more



Dr. Arif bin Mandangan
Mathematics, Real Time Graphics and Visualization Laboratory.
Faculty of Sciences & Natural Resources
Universiti Malaysia Sabah

Topic : Security Threats and Upgrades on the GGH Lattice-Based Encryption Scheme

Current interest in cryptography is moving towards new arena known as Post-Quantum Cryptography to find alternatives for replacing number theoretical-based cryptosystems. see more



Dr. Syed Farid bin Syed Adnan
Faculty of Electrical Engineering,
UiTM Shah Alam.

Topic : An Analysis of the AAβ Asymmetric Encryption Scheme on Embedded Devices for IoT

These features resulted in faster runtime compared to the more established RSA asymmetric encryption scheme, see more



Dr. Lee Wai Kong
Gachon University, South Korea

Topic : Harnessing Graphics Processors for High Speed Cryptography

Graphics Processing Units (GPU) is originally developed for graphics and video applications, but nowadays it is widely used in many applications beyond graphics.see more


Dr. Amir Hamzah bin Abd Ghafar
Department of Mathematics,
Faculty of Science,
Universiti Putra Malaysia

Topic : A Novel Partial Key Exposure Attack on CRT-RSA Cryptosystem

Partial key exposure attack on a cryptosystem is becoming a more common cryptanalysis method since it has been shown that machine learning applications can aid it. see more


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