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Volume 1.Number 2.July 2007


  • The Effect of Geometers’ Sketchpad on the Performance in Geometry of Malaysian Students’ Achievement and their Van Hiele Geometric Thinking
    Noraini Idris
    (abstract.pdf , fullpaper.pdf)

  • Creation of a Ground Water Quality Index for an Open Municipal  Landfill Area
    Mohamad Roslan Mohamad Kasim, Mohd Kamil Yusoff, Wan Nor Azmin Sulaiman & Mat Yusoff Abdullah
    (abstract.pdf , fullpaper.pdf)

  • Effect of Non-uniform Suction or Injection on Mixed Convection Flow Over a Vertical Cylinder Embedded in a Porous Medium
    M. Kumari, C. Bercea & I. Pop
    (abstract.pdf , fullpaper.pdf)

  • Unimodality Tests for Global Optimization of Single Variable Functions Using Statistical Methods
    Ismail Mohd, Siska Candra Ningsih & Yosza Dasril
    (abstract.pdf , fullpaper.pdf)

  • Mixed Convection of the Stagnation-point Flow Towards a Stretching Vertical Permeable Sheet
    Anuar Ishak, Roslinda Nazar, Norihan M. Arifin & Ioan Pop
    (abstract.pdf , fullpaper.pdf)

  • Pairwise Almost Lindeöf Bitopological Spaces II
    Adem Kilicman & Zabidin Salleh
    (abstract.pdf , fullpaper.pdf)