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Volume 1.Number 1.January 2007


  • Exploring Mathematical Values Through Mathematics Teachers’
    Beliefs and Instructional Practices

    Wan Zah Wan Ali, RohaniAhmad Tarmizi, Habsah Ismail, Ramlah Hamzah, Mohd. Majid Konting, Mat Rofa Ismail & Sharifah Kartini Said Husain.
    (abstract.pdf , fullpaper.pdf)

  • A Method of Estimating the p-adic Sizes of Common Zeros of
    Partial Derivative Polynomials Associated with an nth Degree Form
    Sapar S.H &Mohd Atan K.A.
    (abstract.pdf , fullpaper.pdf)

  • The Effects of Using Graphic Calculators in Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
    Nor’ain Mohd. Tajudin, Rohani Ahmad Tarmizi, Wan Zah Wan Ali & Mohd. Majid Konting

    (abstract.pdf , fullpaper.pdf)

  • The Quartic Analog to the RSA Cryptosystem
    Wong Tze Jin,Mohamad Rushdan Md. Said, Kamel Ariffin Mohd. Atan & Bekbaev Ural

    (abstract.pdf , fullpaper.pdf)

  • Modeling and Forecasting Volatility of the Malaysian and the Singaporean Stock Indices using Asymmetric GARCH Models and Non-normal Densities
    Abu Hassan Shaari  Mohd Nor & A. Shamiri
    (abstract.pdf , fullpaper.pdf)

  • Chromatic Equivalence Class of the Join of Certain Tripartite Graphs
    G.C. Lau & Y.H. Peng
    (abstract.pdf , fullpaper.pdf)

  • Some Topics on Weighted Generalized Inverse and Kronecker Product of Matrices
    Zeyad Abdel Aziz Al Zhour & Adem Kilicman
    (abstract.pdf , fullpaper.pdf)

  • Numerical Evaluation for Cauchy Type Singular Integrals Using Modification of Discrete Vortex Method and Spline Approximation
    Zainiddin K. Eshkuvvatov & Nik Mohd Asri Nik Long
    (abstract.pdf , fullpaper.pdf)

  • Chromatically Unique Bipartite Graphs with Certain 3-independent Partition Numbers III
    Roslan Hasni & Y.H.Peng
    (abstract.pdf , fullpaper.pdf)